1. Sunny days are best spent near tall mountains and flat lakes

  2. A selection of my photos are on display (and for sale) in the lovely Smyth & Gray restaurant in Temple Bar, Dublin. It feels good to get your work off your hard drive and out in the real world for people to see. Also, its nice to see restaurants giving new and emerging artists a chance to display their work. All good things happening here. 

  3. Walks and wild horses in the Wicklow Way.

  6. An exploration of the german term ‘Heimat’ and the various cultural meanings attached to the idea of home. 

    Heimat Interlude /Johns Lane Building / 16.12.13

  7. Drawings based on the writings of Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space. 
    Imagery sourced from old family photographs. 

  8. Dublin 8

  9. The day we got the mattress 

  10. A glimpse of west coast America. 

  11. San Diego, CA. 

  12. Wakedock, Dublin. 

  13. Digs. T104. air-beds. fancy hotel rooms. shit apartments. balconies. backseats. banter. 

    Part I

  14. I made this video in response to the work I was doing for my college elective, Creative Campus.

    This was a site specific elective for which I choose to engage with the history of the Swiftbrook Paper Mills in Saggart, Co. Dublin. In light of the degradation of the paper making industry and the ruin of the site itself, I aimed to create something that would emulate this process of decay and disuse. Using three dimensional paper casting techniques my work provokes engagement with the residual form of the site utilizing the very media it once produced.

    This video documents the process of paper-making, provides a visual link between the creation of my work and its connection to the landscape, and overall pays homage to the Swiftbrook Paper Mills which inspired and led this project.

  15. 22/04/13