1. Stradbally, Co.Laois 

  2. As a beautiful bird sat upon this flower outside my house I ran to grab my camera to capture the moment. But no sooner was I back with my finger on the shutter than the heavens opened and the bird had made a swift departure. Its sad what a regular occurrence this is in Ireland.

  3. Day 21. Competing with New York is proving quite tricky…apparently the coffee over there is better and theres more culture than you can shake a stick at. Im not sure which I want more, for him to come back, or for me to be able to pack up and go.

  4. Sunny days are best spent near tall mountains and flat lakes

  5. A selection of my photos are on display (and for sale) in the lovely Smyth & Gray restaurant in Temple Bar, Dublin. It feels good to get your work off your hard drive and out in the real world for people to see. Also, its nice to see restaurants giving new and emerging artists a chance to display their work. All good things happening here. 

  6. Walks and wild horses in the Wicklow Way.

  9. An exploration of the german term ‘Heimat’ and the various cultural meanings attached to the idea of home. 

    Heimat Interlude /Johns Lane Building / 16.12.13

  10. Drawings based on the writings of Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space. 
    Imagery sourced from old family photographs. 

  11. Dublin 8

  12. The day we got the mattress 

  13. A glimpse of west coast America. 

  14. San Diego, CA. 

  15. Wakedock, Dublin.